Alex bio- from his little sister Olivia. Growing up with Alex was a crazy little ride I wouldn't trade for anything.  Because our parents worked in advertising agencies, we grew up with light boards, negatives, and casting tapes strewn about the dining room table. The delicate balance between art and marketing runs through our blood. He especially followed our fathers viewpoint of the visually striking mixed in with mass consumer appeal. Alex worked hard in boy scouts ( he earned the Eagle scout honor at 18 ) and attended Columbia College Chicago majoring in photography. His hard work and, let's be honest, wonderful luck, landed him prestigious work in NYC before even graduating with a bachelor's degree. In true Alexandre form, he has exceeded all expectations and made a name for himself in LA where he has worked for over 10 years now.  I love to tell my friends that THE Heidi Klum has worked with him so much she knows his name, but his repertoire goes far beyond that. Most recently he shot the 2017 Oscar Winning actors for the NY Times and fashion images for Stella McCartney. Alexandre is a worldly man that can tell you of his ventures in Thailand as a 6'5, 4% body fat Muay Thai fighter and also take the most beautiful vulnerable portrait when you least expect it.

Client's and Publications:

Foote Cone & Belding (FCB Global) Advertising, General Motors Cadillac, Leo Burnett Advertising, Chipotle, Stella McCartney Fashions, St Rita Parlor Eyewear.
New York Times Magazine, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Photo District News, NY Spaces, Rizzoli Books, C (California Style) Magazine.


Chicago Inquiries:  
olivia.jaras.oj@gmail.com     algisjaras1@gmail.com